Written by: Ed Coet

What do you wish for?
Do you wish for that which
you think will make you happy?
Do you reminisce about happier times?
Yesterday is just a memory of what was, 
not what is. If happiness is there then it’s dead.

Do you wish for a brighter future?
Does happiness live there?
Can you hope happiness in to being?
Do you know what makes you happy?
If not, you’re destined to be without it.
You can’t experience what you don’t know.

You can’t discover happiness “out there.”
Happiness is an internal adventure.
You can’t experience “it” if you
don’t know what “it” is.
Laughter is a consequence of happiness
but not happiness itself.

Happiness is a state of mind
not a commodity that can
be bought or sold.
Nobody can make you laugh 
if you reject humor or
your soul is devoid of joy.

Happy people experience joy
even if indigent or in hardship.
The wealthy are sometimes miserable 
even when dwelling in the lap of luxury.
Joy is the essence of happiness
that is expressed by pleasing others.

Happiness is spiritual – it engulfs you.
It is a journey, not a destination.
Enjoy this splendid and wonderful venture.
Today was yesterday’s future and 
tomorrow may not arrive.
The time to be happy is now.