Written by: Margaret Okubo

I looked upon you Mom
So sad so full of pain
your spirit broken 
by dad's wicked blows

How can I make  you happy
Love of my life
Can daddy not see you
through my innocent eyes?
   My kisses you spurn
My touch you cannot bear
So sad  so tortured you are
that  I cry  for you mother mine 

I offered you flowers 
Leaf by leaf, petal by petal you destroyed them
Why couldn’t you cherish
My gift of love ?

My dearest child
this sadness I pray you’ll never know
The pain in my heart
No one e'er deserves 

The flowers you gave me dear child
I stripped them petal by petal
Leaf by leaf to fit them 
into the chambers of my heart

I did not destroy them little one
but keep them beside you in my heart
On dark days their fragrances soothe my soul
Their colors brighten my days

The reds and blues yellows and whites
Color my days blinding bright
Just as you  are my dear  little boy 
 The light of my life.