Moment of distraught

Written by: melvin beckley

what kind of moment is this?
 it seems like a moment 
 of anguish.
 i have babble endlessly in 
 captive mourn
 the mourn in  it perpetuity
like a widower in despondent
the despondent of my  sand grandma
the grandma of my  beloved
the beloved one in coffin fashion
It jolt of  remembrance in any tramp 
  i made
the jolt of frustration
the frustration of sadness
the sadness of  deep troubled
the trouble of  unswerving
that built command of  melancholy
the command tone like a lion in  rule
yet in sudden  forth
i build a  symbol happiness
the happiness that relent my 
of which if feels my sprite burns
     tease the same with me.