I Think

Written by: Pamela Davison

I think, therefore, I am.... 
the sum of my thought processes, 
a self-aware consciousness, 
assimilating bits and pieces 
of those whose paths I cross; 
an expanding evolution 
from minuscule inauguration. 
I am a by-product of all contemplation, 
a meager reflection of society, 
left to my own devices. 
My destiny I rule, far and wide, 
beyond the reach of salvation, 
beyond the brink of insanity. 

To be or not to be.... 
is not the question, for I am in existence, 
a circumstance I cannot defend. 
The question is - what shall I do 
with this mortal life? 
Do I follow the masses, 
abandoning interrogation, 
never deliberating for myself? 
Shall I, like a lemming, run over the ledge 
into eternal bliss only to find 
I was meant to do so much more? 

No man is an island unto himself..... 
yet, it is here I find the truth. 
Within the vestige of my spirit 
resides an absoluteness I cannot obscure, 
perspicacity overpowers, 
leaving me immobilized, 
unable to bow to ruling authority. 
Cognizant of choices, 
I embrace my duty to civilization 
to explore realities presented me. 

I think, therefore, I am.... 
compelled to filter the truths of mankind, 
until I can find authenticity, 
For there is no greater gift 
than man's capacity to adjudicate for himself, 
to ascertain what is meant to be or not to be. 
On the island of humanity, 
I will scrutinize thought generated, 
leaving no stone unturned. 
To do less would be unacceptable.