The storm of New England

Written by: Laura Mckenzie

Decayed ivy trails holding on with its last grasp 
There visible etchings left marks upon the brick 
Where the wind ever so gently moves and wiggles
The remaining leaves 
A reminder of the change that has surfaced 
A winter storm has landed
And with a driving intensity 
That gentle wiggle has blossomed 
The skies have released its frozen nightmare  
People fussing about 
Trying to get home, with the forces 
Hammering their windows
Cars skidding and screaming through the night
And there are those that gave up the fight 
Abandoning their vehicles where they ceased 
People on foot walk with heads tipped down
Fighting the driven snow 
For those that made into their domain 
That would shake off the weather and sigh of relief 
To have made it home in one piece 
Winter has laid its grip on Boston 
And its magnitude can be seen 
With white matter hanging is seasonal magic 
On the limbs of trees 
Obstructing views 
Embracing walkways and blanketing homes
And looming a hush to the city streets
Winter’s born