Written by: Alayande Stephen

I go tempted severally
As my heart skipped
To ask my inner mind
Does it worth all these?

Was still trapped for five hours
On my sojourn to her school
It was the collapse of two trailers
Indeed, they collapsed all the route
We came out intermittently
Trekking around with no particular way
Our clothes became coloured, of dust
We were wet from head to toe 
It was not of rain but of sweat
Does it worth it? I sighed

Stories fly fast in our bus
Oh! Our destination
We shall get to by 2am
Was scared to the marrow
Some scared us less 
They voted for 12 midnight 
Why would I believe them? 
For we were all still in the trap 
Am I jinxed not to see her today?

Alayande Stephen T.
20th November 2007