Remembering to Forget

Written by: Tanika Cooks

Woke up this morning 
Then I closed my eyes again 
I remembered you were gone 

I remembered that picture on the night stand was face down
I remembered how I missed you
I forgot how to forget
And before I woke up it was working so well
My uncurious unconscious dictated my feelings 
Filing my head with music and happiness up to the ceiling

Where the only thing that mattered was jumping sheep 
with pink polka dots 
wearing green hats 

Woke up this morning feeling loss
I remembered your favorite song 
I remembered how you smiled when I sang it
I forgot how to forget 

The most important thing 
The one thing I needed to remember I let slip
Sliding out of bed 
I slowly started to push you back 
 into the depths of my mind
Starting my day, I’ve pushed you out of the way

Here in the waking world I remember how to forget 
A smile crosses my lips