Waltz of the Night

Written by: Ray Angelo Ong

Dancing pairs in the hall of flairs;
      poignant paintings beneath the classy ceilings;
  shimmering chandeliers gently appear
    as the music plays the waltz of the night.
There you sit, alone in your throne;
  and so as I, doing some sighs.
      Both felt seclusion from this occasion
until the music played the waltz of the night.
    We become dancers on this brimful floor:
  dancing gracefully with the music’s glee;
      and while other dancers leave from song to song,
our music goes on—on and on.
  We swayed lightly and glanced amorously-
      hand in hand, along with the band;
    and now, there’s only us remain on the floor
for this is our music: the waltz of our night.