Beauty Way

Written by: Pamela Davison

I am present in the energy of this moment, 
An instrument manifesting sacred duty 
Without attachment 
For what does not belong to me. 
The potential of now 
Is wholly honored. 

I will be vigilant in this process 
Without fear of failure or success, 
A resilient warrior able to observe 
The significance of each breath 
As it blends into the next; 
Creating the future. 

My heart will be un-obscured 
By hate, anger, or greed 
While I greet this moment 
That births life, 
And I will be warmed 
By the Wisdom Fire. 

This is the walk of the Beauty Way, 
Overflowing opportunity 
Encouraging right action and resolution 
With respect and dignity. 
Now is the gift 
I will not give away.