Nobody but my self to blame

Written by: Fatima Bhopali

Gave my heart and soul to thee
Changed my look and life to please
Accepted good and not so good
But still waiting for him I stood

Nothing of me he ever accepted 
Emotion of mine always suspected
Only if changed, is what he thought
But still his amity is what I sought

Loneliness is what, caused him agony 
So “Yes” he said to seek harmony
Whole affair for him was only a deal
Essence of Love he could never feel

What he said was considered a law
Malevolence in him I never saw
Sensitive a lot he said he was
Yet only pain is what he caused

Alone he goes ahead blaming destiny
Thought his love was for eternity
Today for me my world is lost 
Limits of tolerance has been crossed

Now I realize we can’t pair
Oh god It’s a feeling of despair
For Hurt, anger, pity and shame
Nobody but my self to blame