Upon Now Gardened Wastelands

Written by: Michael Grugan

We two amidst the wastelands walked
Where heroes fell and mad ghosts leapt.
There slaughtered angels we beheld
With trembling eyelids moist yet brave,
Alone, so drear the gathering Dark!
And you, small vessel, cracked with grief-
By storm,no less assailed...

From haunted trails through orchards thorns,
Their bitter fruit by tears well suckled,
We'd tarried toiled and tasted much
At Sorrow's depthless winepress,
'Til chanced our thusly armored souls
'Pon fated mystic moon-tossed fields 
To each the other greet...

I'd long not heard the fountains speak
From obscure and violet banks
Nor known the breath of Dawnibg's blush
Caress my worn, care-chisled cheek, but then-
But then! Your voice, a breeze
Like Day's first sigh a'borning,
That celestial, sweet sad-burdened song
Became my revelie...