On the Patio Steps

Written by: Louise Picek

Another one passed by,
a stranger,
a face I won't remember tomorrow.
Not quite what I was expecting,
not memorable enough to want to know his name,
just another stranger,
using up my time.
On the patio steps we say good bye,
a kiss I will forget as I walk back inside.
Don't know what he does to get by,
whether he even has a wife,
but that doesn't matter,
because it's just another soul that I won't truly know.
I'm not what a wanted to be,
thought I would wait,
but as passion took control,
the waiting became a passing thought.
So here I am,
on the patio steps,
another good bye,
another face I won't look back onto,
someone not memorable enough to care,
just a man,
using up my time.