Written by: Daron Long

So once again
you’re mistaken
quite mistaken
the world does not
revolve around you
No it doesn’t
I swear it doesn’t
So let me take this
take this pin
and pop your bubble
your stupid bubble
You’re causing trouble
for yourself
I will win this
I can end this
I can send you away
with your tail between your legs
I know you hate this
but it is reality
yes it is happening
And you’re not the reason
no not the reason
Because my decisions
my decisions
 are not based
upon you
I have my freedom
yeah I have my freedom
my freedom from you
So just skedaddle
get a boat and oar
so you can paddle
and head away from me
down the stream you’ve cried
over all of your selfish stupidity
because this is reality
I have already moved on
already moved on
I am much happier 
much happier
than ever before
than ever before
and you will not
and you cannot
ruin this for me or her