If I were a rich girl

Written by: Riah Hari

If I were a rich girl with money no object,
I’d take my family on an adventure, they'd never forget.
Safari in Africa, with lion’s, tigers and elephants,
Enjoy real African sunsets, that put you in a trance.

The Atlantic we’d cross, pacific and Indian too,
Mountains we’d climb, Himalaya, Everest and Kilimanjaro.
Morocco, Tunisia, Jaipur and Egypt,
Camels to ride in these sandy deserts.

If trains could travel under the water,
We’d train-sail to Brazil just to watch the soccer.
If buses had wings we’d fly to Mexico,
Just to buy a poncho and a yellow sombrero

Winter in Switzerland is best for skiing,
Lessons to take before embarrassing the kids.
To Florida in America we’d depart,
Miami beach, Disney Land or just check out the stars.

These dreams I have for my family are true,
It’s okay to have dreams than be miserable and blue.
Maybe one day, just one day, God will look my way,
To fulfill these promises I dare to make