Special Teacher of Dance

Written by: Michele Silvas-Kumar

Through the years students come and go, and time after time you teach and put on a show. 
The students dance and sing, and the audiance is proud of what they have seen. You 
remeber every name that walked through the door, and you keep above the game and people 
ask for more. Thanks for the gifts you have given us, thanks for the talent, love and 
trust. But most of all fot the loyalty year after year, your such a great person your 
such a kind dear.And remember this always, no matter what students do after they leave, 
it is what they hold close to there haert it is what they belive...that dance is not only 
an expression you show on the outside, it's a feeling and emotion you have on the inside. 
So, whatever we do after we move on just think to yourself and be strong, and know that 
we are all grateful for all that you do, and we can sincerly say "how much we all love