Cry (Don't say those words)

Written by: Eli Moon

Why did it had to happen this way
The world was blinded with my tears
I saw you in my hands
Just to let you know, my friend,
I am here

And I cry alone in the darkness
Where no one cares how I felt
And I saw you struuggling
You are not going through this yourself

You talked about your death and all
But I don't want it to be true
I just want to hear your words
That mean most to you

Oh, and I cry in this empty space
A place of an empty world
You are not alone, no you are not
I am here, in your world

Please help me,
I am crying!
I am listening to your scream!
Don't let me stay in this nightmare!
Wake me up
From this dream!

My tears, they are my worries to you
I am so scared when you said those words
Don't want to let you go
Don't want you to feel so hurt

I am crying!
Oh God!!
I am screaming!
For your Help!
Oh, no no!
Don't let this happen again!!
No No!!

I am walking the streets of this lonely space
No human have walked on a wrecked emotional state before
And my tears fall onto my weakened face
I am opening myself up to you before I fall!

I care!!
And I cry !!
Don't say those words!!
I want to cry louder
Just more louder!

And I cry alone in here
I am crying by my shaking fears
I am in the dark of the alternate reality
This is where I should be
Just a hand I am giving it to you
Please, take it
I am your life
I just hope you will hear
My thousand tears
Of my cry