My Dark World .

Written by: nalifa atheeb

My  lass  has  forgotten  me
And,  does  not  visit   anymore.
Even  my  closest  cronies '  ve  obviated  me,
Just  'cos  I'm  not  normal anymore.

I  curl  in  my  couch , and, think   of our  friendship,
And  my  bosom  sketches her  lovely face.
I'm  unable to  forget  our  romantic  relationship,
And trickles  of  tears  moisten  my  face.

Now, only  my  dog  keeps  company  with  me,
And, my  paths  are  guided  by  the  white-cane.
Oh! I  urgently  need  Man's  company
But, my  wish  cannot  be  heard , by  my  friends  and  Jane.

I'm  marooned  in  a  deep  dark  pit:
An  endless dark  which  palpitates  my  heart.
I  wish  that  someone  would come  into  my  life and  resusitate  it,
Or  my  life  will  be  restless , until  I  depart

I'm  now  considered  as  a  discarded  coke-tin
And, my  mental  beauty  is  disregarded  by  these  men.
Useless  is  a  life  without  the  warmth  of  kith  and  kin,
And  my  jeramaid  life  cannot  be  fully  expressed, by  this  pen.