The Balloon Teacher

Written by: Rhea Daniel Dear

It was the last period.
The breezy school day was almost done.
Mrs. Johnson and her English class relished
Getting a restroom break and a bit of sun.
They were gathered on the gazebo.
Antonio and Ned were poking fun.
Sometimes even a laugh
can start a great big one!
"Fight," Angelina screamed.
Who came running? Everyone!!
The fighters were swinging-going wild.
Go for help Mrs. Johnson called - run.
But before security could get there-
Thank God nobody had a gun,
There was a loud noise
Like someone
Was blowing up
a giant cushion.
Mrs. Johnson's face was swelling.
She was moving  upwards in a strange fashion.
She looked like she weighed a ton-
Or perhaps better said she looked like
A humungous silver balloon 
headed toward the sun.
She floated away and of course
as they always say
To this very day
No one has seen her since. Period.