A people without a god

Written by: richard nah

A people without a god

I ask you to serve our goddess,
to pay the dues of our kinds,
leaving those western men you call priests and imams at the expense of our shrine masters
and their fabulous incantations,
pouring wine at our ancestral shrines,
perhaps dance the formidable tunes of our “Nfehveh;” 

But you rather preferred the Yahweh and Allah of our western compatriots, soaring with
them … just feeling happy, 
getting in motion with their beloveds rhythmic melodies, 
placing all evil curses on me and calling me an animist;

Forgetting the good old past of our ancestors that have sunk into this stock of past events,
terming our tradition an enemy of progress
and changing the dancing path of our marvelous “samba;” 

time may have change
but the past is still part and parcel of life
and it hurts more when you grow wild ignoring me,
giving me impressions that I need redemption; 

To be continued...