Live and Learn

Written by: Jodie Steward

Parenthood is made of trials
Experiences we have shared,
Just as our parents had
To shows they cared.

Growing up now is the same
Just don't ask the kid's today,
They will only disagree completely
Doing the opposite of what you say.

Don't worry about setting rules
They will simply just ignore,
You mention they are grounded
They still head out the door.

You explaine you have more knowledge
For you was a child once to,
They sit and roll their eyes
Nothing you say is getting through.

Some are just way out of control
They lie,cheat in school and steal,
You try hard to change them
But, seriousness to them isn't real.

So, with only your continueous love
There's nothing left for you to do,
They must now live and learn on their own
For they are grown just like you.