Written by: paulette stewart

I'm shocked at you standing there,
i thought you were gone for good,
All the feelings I once had for you come 
tumbling to the fore; feelings I buried,
dead, covered, forgotten, deep in heart's soil,
or so I thought.

Memories of those glorious days we spent together,
The warmth of your love sun rays upon my skin,
Tender kisses given in secret, as well as velvet
green fields.
The baby that was born from the flames of passion,
I'm awestruck with wonder at this life.

I kicked myself for not heeding the  warnings,
Choosing to ignore them as I could not bear to admit
to what inside I knew as true, I was smothering,
holding on to tight, I was losing you.

When you left I was numb, barren, void,
A recluse I become.
Months later here you stand my love,
Hope springs forth, is it possible for the
cinders of a passion to be rekindled?
Or is this a moment in life's journey?

OH! I hope this is MY Spring,
The season where we are reborn,
Where love is renewed.