The City Stays A Stranger

Written by: Dale Anderson

The city stays a stranger
in the bitter winds eye cast upon shadowless shapes that issue from obscure 
dividing the ancient labyrinths at dusk
Solemn stone walls suspended in both directions swallow up steep hills
Unsteady steps dissolve in retrospect towards insensible ground
Torn and ragged streets confront the silence of the cries of a thousand 
speaking at the cold border that feeds grooved tentacles
The city stays a stranger
That beckons, walk with me
I can lead the way to terrified solitude
I can decapitate the present from the past
I am the wayfarer with his dark deference and troubled movement staggering in 
the twilight
I am the car that roars by with the breath of uncontrollable horses
I am the two girls filled with mad joy, snatching puffs of cigarettes and brushing 
back their hair
I am the festival at night, the little man, and the pointed prison
I am the rush of the crowd, the smoke, and the blazing light
I have come for you again
Awake from your disturbed dreams and troubled pillow
Walk these un-straight lines as we mingle with tomorrow