I Found You

Written by: Raina Hutchins

The time I’ve spent alone 
Has seemed to last eternally
It seemed I’d be forever
Saying I instead of we

That something I was looking for 
The image in my mind
No matter just how hard I tried 
I couldn’t seem to find

I wanted someone special
Who would always love me too
Someone who would care for me 
And always would be true

Someone who would hold me tight 
And kiss me everyday
He'd stay with me forever
He'd never go away

He’d try to understand me
He’d never tell a lie
He’d laugh if I were happy
And hold me when I cry

I know he’d always love me
I know he’d always care
And when I go to sleep at night
I’d know he’s always there

To find this someone special
Seemed impossible to do
But I know you are special
Cause I found it all in you

And though I may not always say
Or show you how I feel
Know, how much I love you
And know, I always will

By Raina Hutchins