Little Child

Written by: Christopher Wellbelove

Little girl
tuck in tight
and don't worry
that man's not going to come to say goodnight
he's not coming 
because we sent him away
for what he did 
day after day.

Little boy
hold your teddy tightly
and sleep easy 
because we've taken him far from you
he won't be back 
to do that to you again
sleep safely now
it's finally ended.

Little child
sorry for not coming sooner
for being deaf, dumb and blind
for not seeing, hearing, fearing the signs
sorry for the years you lost
your innocence
and so much more.

Little girl, Little boy, Little child
no apology can ever be enough
will try our best 
to try harder next time
but at least you can sleep safe 
whilst the next child lies frightened tonight.