After the sunset

Written by: Michelle Joy Itable

After the sunset

It was a scene of romance and novelty
A place of love full of sincerity
How could i forget the magic it brought me?
For it witnessed how I fell in love with thee

I was looking at the sunset
When I heard a voice at the back of me
“Isn’t this a wonderful place to be?”
You blasted a smile and sat beside me.

From then on you and I became friends
You shared your life I shared mine too
We laugh we cry
We watch the sun as it goes by

But suddenly something happened that changed everything
For when I’m with you, I started to feel something
The more I tell my self, “We’re just friends”
The more my heart hopes for a love to happen.

So one day came when I finally broke it
I wasn’t to say, but I told you about it
The three magical words that hoped for something
The three magical words that destroyed everything

You hated me for what I said
You walked out and said our this friendship is dead
So while the skies turned from orange to dark blue
I was crying my hurt out for you.

Now here I am again hoping to forget
In everything I told you, I had lots of regret
And at this very moment, as the sun sat down so quiet
I was left here all alone after the sunset…