Blue Angel

Written by: Michelle Joy Itable

Blue Angel

You're crying?
What's wrong?
did anyone hurt you?
what's that burn on your wings?
What's that wound on your heart?
Tell me, what melancholy are you carrying?
Tell me, dear angel why are you blue?

You came form heaven to guard me
you carried me by your wings as we soar beneath the clouds
you listened to my silent words
and you comfort me in times of tears
you were always there for me
you were my best friend

so tell me, what's that burden you're carrying?
Oh it because of me?
is there anything i said or did that hurt you?
If this is my fault, how would i make it up with my sin?

My Sweet angel,
I don't deserve to have you- a heaven's piece
at the side of me
My sweet angel, if i was the one who's making you blue
It's better if you go back to your home in the skies
than to have you here and hurt you so much...