Written by: esther robinson

Hey! What are you prating?
Nobody in here desires waiting
With everything being instant
Why should waiting be a constant

Sarah, for Isaac waited until ninety years
Rebecca, begot Esau and Jacob waiting twenty years
Waiting for Joseph, perhaps made Rachel shed tears
Her words could have been bitter in Jacob’s ears

Ruth’s patience outran years of her melancholy
Until she got placed in the Eternal One’s genealogy
Am I not worthy of ten sons? Her husband did say
Yet Hannah’s heart placed a vow and earnestly did pray

She had to wait for Samuel and his siblings
Trusting a Father who never forgets her pleadings
You may be one with such a plea
Wait, be focused on the Lord with glee
Surely this lack in your life will flee

While hankering for this gift of a child
Wait in God’s presence as His child
Waiting is tough and tougher still
When most things are available instant at the sill

If you wait, then –

Kings shall be your foster fathers
Their queens your nursing mothers
They shall bow down to you
With their faces to the earth before you

And lick up the dust of your feet
Proclaiing that it’s the Lord’s feat
You, shall not be ashamed waiting for Him
Particularly when things look very grim.