Moon And Stars

Written by: abbas kiamiri

Moon and Stars are tied to the Nights
they cast ,in dark skies,their lights
darkness fades within their Might rays
sometimes just like the shiney days

Sun shines the Earth its warmth &light
warmth is life,light ousters the night
warmth and light both bring me the day
latter's the source of my lasting gay

I am that lonely dark night
you're my Moon,Star and Might
peer up now in sky of my heart
light it up with your love's art

I'm the Earth and you're my Sun
light of my life; what you've done?
you shine now,bear us the days
repress the clouds,covering your rays

now that rain is just my tears 
should darkness stay;i fear
my Sun,my Moon ,don't go away
if you'll go,i will pass away

Abbas Kiamiri