Kantalenes Myth

Written by: Lis Lovén

I walk on the icy Milky way
where ghost horses shape clouds and stuff
and Myth comes down naked and fragile

Man and Woman came into being in such a Myth
They stepped across many borders, they danced in a star wheel

Tales are told, live for awhile and then disappear
In many tales Man came to Woman
And she told him she had seen him in a dream
As he had come from the ghost horses he understood

Still he was snow huts and coldness
Only Woman could give him warmth as shelter
He now came to believe in his mission
He had to be the first Lover of Poetry
And he had to walk from land to land
With love as a yoke on his shoulders

Man was eyes, skin, heart, dance and song
He saw Womans intentions 
and he sank beneath promised Beauty

Then they walked across the vast field
Unto the place where horizon tilt