Written by: Ashok Niyogi


my shadow drives ahead of me
in perfect symmetry
millions of miles in front
of the orange orb
of the glorious sun
dead so early
setting so young

the Deaf School lawns
are sentineled
by weeping willows
in which birds nest

now the road curls up
and goes to sleep
beneath its comforter
halogen street lamps
gain in illumination
as twilight runs up 
the slopes of Mission Peak

the little birds
in the weeping willows
on the Deaf School lawns
think it’s dawn
they busily set up 
an animated chatter
to welcome
this animated ‘halogen dawn’

but the squirrels sleep
and the owl on top of Conelly’s
looks sadly on
suddenly it seems so vitally important
to know what goes on 
in the mind of that owl

at the cost of loosing a universe
I must learn the owl’s verse