Heaven's Song

Written by: Charles Reese

There is a song amidst the heavens 
From days so long ago.
It's words are played amongst the stars
So soft and very slow.

They sing about the One above
Who made them all to shine.
They sing about His awesome deeds
He's done throughout all time

His works they are so very great
That even nature shows.
How there must be someone above
To make each thing to grow.
Now you can hear that song at night  
 If you are very still.
About the one that died for us 
Upon that lonely hill.

But He is not there anymore 
Nor will He ever be.
For  now  He lives among the stars
And  also  inside me.

Will you ask Him in your life now
If you dont know Him yet.
He'll bless you in a special way
Erasing all sins debt.

There is a song amidst the stars
From days so long ago
Each word declares the majesty
Of Jesus Christ I know.