Clawing for purchase on the impossible

Written by: Kelly McDonald

Expectantly through the dingy window I gape
Lucid for now but only flickering
Waiting not so patiently, coveting escape
Reflecting on the spectral fervent whisperings

Drawn deeper into the haunted labyrinth
Crushed by the ache of this place
Catching fleeting images...a list of failed intents
Heavy darkness; I cannot breathe within this dying space

Floating slowly through the murk
Like the ghostly answer in an eight ball
Silently pondering every little quirk
Forced into silence by a sudden free-fall

Strobe-light convolution as I twist and writhe
The dingy window my only hope
But insanity knows not of this: refuses to recognize
Through sickly I see the scope

The nature and flow of destruction
Like lava beds ebbing slowly through a dying wood
My heart races with unwelcome knowledge and recognition
…There is no way out because this dingy window is my 
prison-cell view to the normal world