My Pain

Written by: kristin gregoire

                           My pain is love and my love is pain
                           I remember when it was so sunny and 
                           bright but now it's just pouring down rain
                           What we had together will never be the same
                          So much time we spent together
                         and our memories cant be replaced we'll remember 
                         them foerever and ever.
                        There's always gonna be this thorn poking at me
                        reminding me this empty place in my heart is something 
                        we use to be.
                       The reason the place in my heart is empty is because
                       it was created by you and me and how it use to be it kills 
                       me and hurts me way more than anyone can ever see.
                        Our feelings were so strong when we werent together
                         we can feel eachother when we heard our song and
                         no matter what we always ended up back with eachother
                         again, that's why my heart is broken you were more than my 
                         love you were also my best friend.