Finding RAnSOn

Written by: Ray Angelo Ong

I’m sitting by the sidewalk of a street,
waiting for someone to stumble upon my feet.
Hours passed, the sun went down.
No one came, I felt drowned.

I’ve looked in every place that I know;
I’ve been to the places where you might go;
but I didn’t see you there,
not even a sign that you’ve been there.

I’ve searched along the highways,
asked the people that came across my way.
I explored the forests,
please be there on my behest.

Rain started to fall.
Where are you? Please hear my call.
I’m starting to lose my hope,
with this weary feeling, I can’t cope.

I went back to the places I’ve been to,
from where I started, thinking I’d see you;
but still, I didn’t find you…
or, much better to say, I didn’t find myself.