A Flutterby's Plight

Written by: Frances Angela Torrelavega

Ordinary amidst
a thousand eggs,
I was a mere nobody.
Plain and common
were all I was --
unnoticeable in
the lush green vast.

Burning with thrill
I crawled into
their circle.
Alas, this world
threw me out
in the cold.

With my fragile heart
crushed and rejected,
I confined myself
in a humble mesh.

In solitude,I remained.
with only darkness
for a friend.
The world went on
with their usuals,
forgetting one
minute individual.

"Your time will come,"
I kept in mind.
"You'll rule the meadows
and soar the sky."

At last,
I felt the wings
warm my spine.
A part of me
was shunned with fear
while the other half
leaped with zeal.

I heard whispers
from afar.
There was a call
within my heart.
"Forget your past,
begin your flight.
Heaven's waiting
to see her child."

With a confident stance
I greeted the world.
"I came back
not to seek revenge,
but to rediscover
my worth;"
and as the wind breezed
through my wings,
I redeemed back
my lost esteem.

With the empowering hope
burning in my heart...
in my flight I let
no creature thwart.