No More Lies

Written by: Robyn Blauw

Can you feel me inside?
I’m all breaking up
My fingers are trembling
My tears wet my face.

I hate where I’m at
I hate the deceit
I hate the lies
And I hate this life

Don’t think I’m a bad person
And I can’t understand
Why my life is so bitter
Why I have all this pain

Why can’t people be honest?
Be truthful with me
I just need to know
Where I stand, can’t you see?

I’m a tough little cookie
And I always bounce back
Just don’t keep me wondering
For weeks where I’m at

If I call you a friend
Please treat me as that
Be truthful and honest
Can’t cope without that.

Do you know what you do?
When you lie to me
It tears me apart
Makes me hard
Can’t be free.

So if you’re thinking again
To lie to your friend
Please take a step back
And think of the end.