You Did Not Say Thank You

Written by: Eli Moon

I had sacrificed my life
I had wasted all my time
But I did this for a reason
To help you all this while

You never thought I was the one
I am always invisible to your eyes
Bet you did not noticed
That I was like an angel by your side

I worried when you were feeling hurt
I could't sleep when you were suffering
But you didn't know how I felt
Trying to know everything

You thanked me once when I helped you
But it was all forgotten
You hurt me once when I saw you
But it was all forgiven

I had fallen before
And I seek comfort and help
But you did not care at all
You did not care how I felt

I know you were always in pain
And I was always there with you
Trying my best to cheer you up
But you thought I was a fool

And now that you are happy
So am I
But it was quite dissatisfied
That I couldn't denied

I helped you a lot
I sacrifice my life just for you
But I am glad you are fine now
Although you forgot
How I put myself through

It was okay 
It was alright
But when you left
You did not say thank you