" Forgotten Dreams"

Written by: Brenda Ints

Remember when you were a child.
How fantasy filled the air.
When you thought you were a pirate.
On a ship that went no where.
Or a knight in shinning armour.
Come to save the day.
Who managed to save the maiden.
And simply rode away.
Remember how you saved the world.
From total doom and gloom.
And how you did it all.
In the space of your own room.
Or what you dreamt you wanted to be.
When you finally grew up.
You knew you could be all those things.
When you were old enough.
But it seem to take forever.
For that day to come.
For that dream to be a reality.
And you could be anyone.
But how seem to forget those dreams.
As the years go by.
Always believe in dreams.
And remember your inner child.