This Love

Written by: Louise Picek

My heart floats through the night,
wings slowly sliding in the sky,
they're taken away by this love,
this joy overtaking my mind.
I am amazed,
reminded every day,
that this love is just my lover and me.
The power of His words,
each one healing water on the deepest wounds.
His touch,
each time makes my soul sing within.
And oh...
His love. 
I am no longer standing on two feet,
but hovering above my current existence.
His love seems to remove me from this current body,
crooked paths,
the never ending reminders of what was.
I am no longer defined by the outer skin I'm in,
but by the overflowing love for Him that's been boiling inside.
And if this is the only love I come to know,
my blessings are more than the world can conceive.

Truly, forever this love will be.