Medicine's Call

Written by: Brandlynn Young

I’m just a doctor wanna be,
For now that is, just wait and see

Hear Hippocrates call my name?
I’ll answer the voice and never be the same.

I’ll give my life to medicine’s call,
I’ll give my hands, my heart, my all.

The art of medicine, may I never misuse
But follow physicians before, and walk in their shoes

To heal the sick, may I do all I can
Apply all required measures for child, woman, or man

I will not over treat, or do nothing at all,
Nor bring disgrace to medicine’s call.

I’ll never fail to say that I know not,
But if I do, may the worst be my lot.

What else could outweigh the surgeon’s knife?
But warmth and understanding for a human life.

The problems of my patients, as I know well
Are not told to me that the world I may tell.

Life and death, in this call, must I stare in the face
I’ll take care in these matters, take care with all grace.

I’ll not treat just symptoms, but a person who’s ill,
A person with feelings, a person that’s real.

May my shoulders be broad for my patient’s tears,
May I share in their joys, and share in their fears.

May God bless with dexterity, and skill in my hands
As I fulfill and do as this calling demands

May I never have an ego, brought down with pride,
But remain tender-hearted in which all can confide.

So I’ll give my hands, my heart, my all
And I’ll give my life to medicine’s call.