My Feet Are Freezing and Time Has Shown Itself

Written by: Jill Martin

You are ever the tide that 
tickles my toes, 
leaving sandy sparkles in my 
hair ... like mica, 

You are the rhythm of days 
that steals my tears ... 

You are angry waves that wash 
the film of sorrow clinging to my soul 
far on out to sea 
to mingle and rest among the easy 
colours of we ... 

You are my small box of tomorrows 
wrapped in background music 
of sea scents 
and thoughts incomplete ... 

You own my nakedness in dayshine 
and moonlight, my soul 
silhouetted next to yours, 
blanketed in strands 
of thinning illusion ... 

You are evermore sun stars 
in my peripheral, 
tiptoeing crystals on breaking crests 
that beg your name 
‘til time runs out again ...