Written by: Siti Aishah Abu Bakar

What is my destiny to be? 
What is the ultimate choice for me? 
Would i walk with all certainties? 
Or would i be lost for all eternity? 

Ohhh Hold my hand and show me the way, 
Cradle my heart and tell me it's gonna be okay, 
Guide me along, both night and day, 
Tell me, i gotta listen to what you say. 

Tell me, i'd meet victory right at the end, 
Tell me, my heart i could really mend, 
Tell me, there is always a helping hand, 
To guide me through and take my stand. 

Upon all fate and destiny, 
could this really be reality, 
or is this merely fantasy, 
of a soul filled with misery? 

This could really be a journey, 
on a path to fulfill a fated destiny, 
Ohh i'll tell what i really forsee, 
A wonderful end it shall be. 

So i'll let fate drive me through, 
and I'll let destiny choose it's course, 
Ohh dear heart i am trusting you, 
Guide me through the trembling wars. 

All i shall say is you got to believe, 
And you got to have the trust, 
remember God and you'll find relieve, 
and all your problems will turn to dust.