a tale of love

Written by: simon nixon

could you love a fool whos heart be broken 
confess your love without words being spoken 
to see you love, your one desire 
a tender embrace sets your soul on fire 
i need your love like a flower needs light 
you are my blanket on a cold winters night 
to see flames dancing in your eyes 
speak my love tell me no lies 
speak of love or not at all 
so soft it could be a dove's call 
in my arms i hold you tight 
to tear me away would be a fight 
i hear your steps from down the hall 
walking towards your husbands call 
our little secret just you and me 
if this is our fate so let it be 
you tell me you love me but this is the end 
no more a lover but just a friend 
one embrace and a kiss and you are gone 
day turns to night yet the day seems so long 
as i stand before you a lonely broken man 
i will not give up for i have a plan