It's still Me

Written by: Bridget Aubrey

As I am heading into my “later years,”
Something amazes me.
It’s still me!

Gone is the fresh glow of youth,
The innocence and uncertainty.
It was replace with experience, wisdom,
Knowledge and kindness.

As I look into the mirror, I smile.
I like this “older Me.”
True, sometimes I scare myself
As I glance at the face reflected.

Eeks, who is this old woman? 
With lines, and double chin?
But- it’s still me.

Now, I realize that everyone feels
The same way.
The young, adventuresome, trusting, 
Energetic Me is still in here,
And always will be.

My hair may all turn white,
My step may slow down.
Yet, the true Me still
Wants to dance, run and jump.

I  now discover more,
Find more joy in every day,
That nervous rush of my youth is gone,
But I like the Trade!

It’s still Me!