To My Guardian Angel

Written by: Hilde Bird

You traveled with me in a flash of thought.
Tanja called from Frankfurt on the Main.
She arrived in Germany; there was no one to meet her.
Let guide her together on her trip up the Rhine.

A friend is ill, please give him strength.
He is special, thoughtful and kind.
The twins-Stephan and Thomas skipped school.
Bless this day! Erase John Adams Junior High from my mind.

I should be in New York to take care of Martha.
Her first baby is due any time.
A home birth as such, I refuse to worry.

With you present, I know she is fine.

Herbert, for the firs time in love,
utters that his whole life is torn.
Putting the pieces together, he ties up the phone line
caring less, what time Martha's baby is born.

Edgar needs a ride home and I cannot drive.
I tell him to stay on the line until I let 
the dog out the door.
Nobody understands Edgar and no one cares.
“What do you think a mother is for?”

Where would I be without you beside me?
I could not have coped with today.
Just one more favor!
My back is killing me, please do not go away.
Forget it!
I settle for the heating pad.