Written by: John Boak

A child born of an adulterous union
A lovers tryst a spiritual communion
Something immoral in a lot of people’s opinion
Will you be kind enough and show him some compassion?

Illegitimate is what they call this child
All through his childhood he gets ridiculed and reviled
Inside him all these insults like boxes are piled
Until one day he will burst and turn wild

Will you be one of those who would break him apart?
Or will you be kind and show him the goodness in your heart?
He is innocent and you know it from the start
To the sins of his parents he had no part

Give him a chance like you do all the rest
With flying colors he might just pass this life’s test
I stand here now to make this special request
This innocent lonely child please do not detest

The sins of their parents should not be theirs to bear
Be understanding show the children you care
Let us understand them and be fair
And most of all let us include them in our prayer

In ridiculing them what have we to gain?
Help them try and lessen the pain
Their innocence is really very plain
No they are not what some people call the Human Stain!

NOTE: I have seen the effects of ridicule and unfair treatment that illegitimate 
children have sufferred. They start getting ridiculed from grammar school to high 
school. Effects of which have brought a lot of people to therapy.
But are they to be blamed for their situation? I believe that there is no such thing 
as illegitimate children, there are only illegitimate parents.