Things I do

Written by: Jana Sipkova

Swimming, and sliding on slides,
Are parts of my summer’s fun,
Biking and baking,
In the hot summer sun.

Crying and crawling,
Like a little baby sometimes,
Dancing and digging,
Hundreds of times.

Enjoying elephants,
At the public zoo,
Fishing and fighting,
In a canoe.

Giving and getting,
So many things,
Hitting and howling,
More than some kings.

Ironing and inserting,
Helping my mom.
Jumping and juggling,
Not very calm.

Kicking and killing,
My stuffed little toys,
Laughing and licking,
And playing with boys.

Mocking and mooing,
Playing to play,
Nudging and nodding,
The same old way.

Ordering and opening,
Boxes of drinks.
Popping and peeking,
And receiving winks.

Quitting and quacking,
Are the hardest ones of all.
Running and racing, 
Faster than a ball.

Acting and affecting,
My small family.
Tugging and teasing,
Are not at all like me.

Uttering and understanding,
Are very hard to do,
Viewing and vacuuming,
Are something like that too.

Washing and wondering,
Near our backyard pool.
X-raying and X-rays,
Are also very cool.

Yachting and yawning,
I always do at dawn.
Zipping and zigzagging,
I do on the lawn.

Every letter has its name,
Every letter is fun.
Now you think it’s the end,
But the adventures have only begun.