The 20 Blues

Written by: Jana Sipkova

There’s no more joy at home,
For my sister’s gone away,
She went to England for college,
And there she will stay.

I come home from school,
Thundering up the stair,
I peek in her room,
Expecting her to be there.

I start into the room,
Whistling a weird tune,
Listening for her shout,
Very, very soon.

I wish she was 16 not 20,
Then she would be here,
But that can’t happen,
It is quite clear.

Happiness has fallen,
Sadness has begun,
Loneliness now overcame,
All things that were fun.

My heart is now broken,
And can not be put back,
And until the day she comes,
I feel like wearing black.

I remember when she left,
She hugged me very tight,
And told me that she’d be back,
Somehow I know she’s right.

But I’ve started to lose hope, 
For everyday seems like a year,
Somehow I feel that,
The day she comes is not very near.

So now I sing the blues,
And calmly fear,
That the day she comes,
Is nowhere near…