Cross Roads

Written by: Bernadette Langer

The year was Ten Ninety Five, 
Christianity by decree.
Off to the Holy Land men were sent, 
to set all Christians free.

Peter the Hermit was first to go,
church unsanctioned was the start. 
Whipping followers into a frenzy, 
with holy words he would impart.

But Peter's quest would be doomed, 
for he behaved badly upon the way. 
Thieving and ransacking homes
while persecuting Jews in the fray. 

He had not even left English shores, 
when racism whispered in his ear. 
If they were to kill enemies afar, 
should they not start right then and there.

The Jewish peoples had lived in quiet, 
amongst the Christians until then. 
But to them Peter would soon become 
vicious foe and never friend. 

Jews were always looked down upon, 
but hadn't been opposed you see. 
But Peter lacking funds for the crusade, 
slaughtered Jews for their prosperity.

A tale that has been repeated,
time and time again. 
Look into the future now, 
as the world goes insane.

For Peter and Adolf were akin, 
so like in thought and threat. 
To kill for profit they undertook, 
preaching violence was their mindset.

On Peter waged, his opposer's, 
would feel the blade of his sword.
As Peter marched with certainty, 
to defend against Muslim horde.

Across Europe they marched, 
until Constantinople was in sight. 
Alexis didn't know what to do, 
so shipped them to Turkey in the night.

Peter took up residence in a Castle, 
home of a Turkish King. 
But King Arslan realized the danger, 
that this crazy monk would bring.

So one night he ambushed them,
as into the castle they crept. 
Not a single crusader was left alive, 
from Turkey the threat was swept.

Thus ended the People's Crusade, 
the next wave would soon arrive. 
To the land of milk and honey,
where Christianity would now thrive.