Written by: Hilde Bird

Senior Citizen

Limited income, declining vitality.
Life is speeding to reach its destiny.

The fear of pain just a thought away,
comes creeping back wanting to stay.

Time is a gift,
a teacher of self-awareness
and a choice of perception.

The Poet

The desires to share thoughts freely given,
are greater then the ego trailing along.

Where do I go when the body dies?

I like to believe
That the soul leaves the body
and returns to the source.

Like an atom, neutron, or proton,
soul is the smallest particle there is
and the most powerful of all.
Soul is eternal.


In spite of all troubles,
Compassion, forgiveness and understanding
have not left yet.

One of the greatest gifts is a friend.
The greatest gift in life is peace profound.
All Answers are within.

The children asked

 Are we not in your thoughts anymore?”
“Time is borrowed and I am tired
You are molded in my heart.
May God bless you’